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Privacy policy

The protection of the privacy and personal data is a solid commitment and a priority for Kokoro Association. Processing data with personal details from users by Kokoro Association, as well as sending institutional communications or other implemented by electronic means are in conformity with the existing national and community legislation - Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016, concerning the protection of natural persons in processing personal data, the free movement of personal data and the guidelines issued by national and european authorities, with model clauses approved by the European Commission or by control authorities, also including relevant jurisprudence and concertedly called “General Data Protection Regulation”, hereafter referred to as “GDPR”.

Responsible for processing personal data

The person in charge for processing your personal data and who could be contacted for any subject related with Kokoro Association data protection is Catarina Filipa Gomes Neto, in writing for the email: privacidade@kokoro.pt

Processing personal data

Processing personal data is carried out in accordance with the general principles described in “GDPR”, namely:

• Considering the relation established with the data subject, we ensure that the personal data will be processed in a lawful, fair and transparent manner (Principle of Lawfulness, fairness and transparency);

• The recall of personal data is carried out for determined, explicit and legitimate ends, and we will not process the same data afterwards for incompatible ends (Principle of Purpose Limitation);

• The process of personal data is only carried out using the appropriate and relevant personal data, also limiting the recall of personal data to the strictly required for the ends they are processed (Principle of Data Minimisation);

• When collected inaccurate data, we implement the proper measures in order to delete or correct these data without delay, considering the ends for which they are processed (Principle of Accuracy);

• The personal data is saved in a manner that allows its identification, only during the needed time related with the ends for which they are processed (Principle of Storage Limitation);

• The process of data is carried out adopting the proper technical or organisational measures to ensure your safety, protecting the data against unauthorised or illicit process, as well as safeguarding the data from loss, destruction or accidental damage (Principle of Integrity and Confidentiality).

Considering the context in which Kokoro Association develops activities, the data subject is, but not limited to, a member, an employee, a partner,an applicant and complainant, a visitor and an individual that maintains a relation with Kokoro Association and to which the personal data concern to.

Kokoro Association does not require or collect personal data of under age individuals, directly or voluntarily. If Kokoro Association finds out that it has inadvertently collected personal data from an individual under 18 years old, the data will be immediately deleted. 

Nevertheless, Kokoro Association might collect personal data from under age individuals, as long as there is a consent that expressly authorise the collection of these data and signed by the parents or the legal guardian.

The personal data collected by Kokoro Association always depends on the nature of the interaction, and can include:

• Personal and contact data: name, surname, address, phone and mobile phone number, email or other contact information.

• Commercial data to provide services and/or products, data related with the provision of services or products, billing data, payment details and/or information from answers to any questions, requests or complaints.

• Demographic data: country, sex, age, language, education and professional history.

• Preference data: information about preferences and interests from the data subject, when related with the activity of Kokoro Association.

• Data for the use of IT: user ID, IP address.

• With the specific authorisation from the data subject, we might also collect: photo, image, video, age/birth date, information on diversity, including racial or ethnic origin and extra information that you can opt to share or not.

Sharing personal data with Kokoro Association is not mandatory. Nevertheless, if you choose not to share your personal data, Kokoro Association might not be able to provide the service or the agreed goal.

Kokoro Association will process the personal data if the data subject consents its process through an expression of will, free, specific, informed and explicit, in which accepts that the personal data are processed, based on a declaration (in writing or orally) or on a unequivocal positive act (by filling in an option).

Kokoro Association saves the personal data only during the needed time related with the ends for which they are collected. 

During the time in which the personal data are processed, Kokoro Association guarantees that they are processed in conformity with this Privacy and Data Protection Policy. When your data is no longer needed, Kokoro Association will delete them in a safe manner.

As the personal data subject, you have the right to access, rectify, limit, transfer, delete and oppose the process of personal data.

At any moment, you can exercise your rights foreseen in GDPR in writing for the email: privacidade@kokoro.pt

The personal data will be processed by Kokoro Association within the principles identified in this Policy, according with kokoro Association’s internal policy and rules and through the proper technical and organisational measures promoting the safety and integrity, namely when facing unauthorised or illicit personal data processing and their loss, destruction or accidental damage.

Kokoro Association does not sell, rent, distribute, nor make available commercially or for other purposes the personal data to any third party. Kokoro Association preserves the confidentiality and integrity of your data and protects them in conformity with this Privacy and Data Protection Policy and existing legislation.

Cookies and similar technologies

On Kokoro Association websites, there are cookies and other similar technologies allowing the improvement of the performance and of the browsing experience for its users, increasing the response speed and efficiency, while removing the need to introduce the same information repeatedly.

By using cookies, the websites can recognise the user's device in the next visit which is often indispensable for its functioning.

The cookies used by Kokoro Association don’t collect personal data that allows the identification of the user, only saving the general information such as the form or region/city of access, among others. 

The users can prevent the use of cookies in the browser settings. If you limit this option, the use of some resources or the performance of determined tools might be conditioned.

In case of doubt

If you have any doubt or need more information about the manner we process the personal data or the measures we implement to safeguard the data, please contact us through the email: privacidade@kokoro.pt

Privacy and Data Protection Policy alterations

Kokoro Association might update this Privacy and Data Protection Policy, periodically, as well as any other specific declaration of privacy and data protection. When any alteration is carried out to this Privacy and Data Protection Policy, a new update is presented.

Last update: 30.09.2021

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